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BABOK® v3.0 Core Practitioner - earn 22 PD Hours / CDUs This is an IIBA® Endorsed Course At the end of this course the student will have solid foundation knowledge of all Business Analysis concepts, knowledge areas and techniques described as part of the Business Analysis industry standard.  The student will be able to practically apply the business analysis concepts described through the practical application of case studies and examples. The student will cover the core content described in the BABOK® v3.0 Guide with the clear guidance of practical examples to bring each concept to life.  WATCH THE COURSE PREVIEW The course applies and covers the key Business Analysis Knowledge Areas, Techniques and Perspectives according to the BABOK® v3.0 Guide. It uses practical examples throughout, with case studies to apply and test knowledge with every Knowledge Area chapter. It includes: 70 short animated videos, more than 270 multiple choice questions to test your knowledge and understanding with and a downloadable copy of the BABOK Guide and all student notes. This online course ensure you learn concepts in an interactive manner. WHO SHOULD DO THIS COURSE? Any Business Analyst, Project Manager or business professional who wants to learn and understand the breath of Business Analysis as it is described in the BABOK® Guide version 3.0. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION PATHS This course is ideal for people preparing for an IIBA® Professional Certification such as CCBA® or CBAP® (NOTE: from September 2016 all IIBA® certification exams are based on BABOK® Guide v3.0) BAE CAREER STAGE: This is a STAGE 2 Course. Learn more. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? At the end of this course the student will have comprehensive knowledge of all Business Analysis concepts described within each Chapter of the BABOK® Guide v3.0 including all the Knowledge Areas, Techniques and Perspectives. The student will cover the core content described in the BABOK® v3.0 Guide with the clear guidance of practical examples throughout to training to bring each concept to life. COURSE FORMAT & DELIVERY Your course is delivered to you online via a Learning Management Portal which allows downloads of materials, messaging to your tutor and a dashboard with details of your progress for each course. This course itself consists of a total of 70 short video lessons divided into 12 modules. Each module contains animated videos explaining each BABOK® Guide v3.0 chapter with each concept described with real-life project examples, student notes to download, practically focused case studies and knowledge quizzes to test your understanding at the end of each module. COURSE OUTLINE TOPIC: Introduction to Business Analysis What is Business Analysis? Who is the Business Analyst? Business Analysis Terms The Requirements Classification Schema Requirements vs. Design Who are the stakeholders? TOPIC: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring How to plan the Business Analysis Approach? How to plan Stakeholder Engagement? How to plan Business Analysis Governance? How to manage Business Analysis Information? Business Analysis Performance Improvements TOPIC: Elicitation and Collaboration Prepare for Elicitation Conduct Elicitation Confirm Elicitation Results Communicate Business Analysis Information Manage Stakeholder Collaboration TOPIC: Requirements Life Cycle Management What is Trace Requirements? How to Maintain Requirements? What is Prioritize Requirements? Assess Requirements Changes How to get Requirements Approved? TOPIC: Strategy Analysis How to analyze the Current State? Defining the Future State How to assess risks? Defining the Change Strategy TOPIC: Requirements Analysis & Design Definition Specifying Requirements How to verify your requirements? What is validating requirements? Defining the requirements architecture How to define solution options Analyze the potential value and recommend a solution TOPIC: Solution Evaluation How to manage solution performance? How to analyze performance measures? Assess the solution limitations Assess the enterprise limitations How to recommend actions to increase solution value? TOPIC: Underlying Competencies of the Business Analyst What are Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving? What behavioural characteristics should a BA have? What is business knowledge in the BA context? What communication and interaction skills should a BA have? What are the tools and technology used in Business Analysis? TOPIC: Important Business Analysis Techniques What is Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria? What is Backlog Management? What is Balanced Scorecard? What is Benchmarking and Marketing Analysis? What is Brainstorming? What is Business Capability Analysis? What is a Business Case? What is a Business Model Canvas? What is Business Rules Analysis? What is Collaborative Games? What is a Concept Model? What is a Data Dictionary? What are data flow diagrams? What is data mining? What is data modelling? What is Decision Analysis? What is Document Analysis? What is Estimation? What is Financial Analysis? What are Focus Groups? What is Functional Decomposition? What is a Glossary? What is Interface Analysis? What are Interviews? What is Item Tracking? What is Lessons Learned? What are Metrics and Key Performance Indicators? What is Mind Mapping? What is Non-Functional Requirements Analysis? What is Observation? What is Organizational Modelling? What is Prioritization? What is Process Analysis? What is Process Modelling? What is Prototyping? What is Reviews? What are Risk Analysis and Management? What is a Roles and Permissions Matrix? What is a Root Cause Analysis? What is Scope Modelling? What is a Sequence Diagram? What are Stakeholder Lists, Map and Personas? What is State Modelling? What is a Survey or a Questionnaire? What is a SWOT Analysis? What are Use Cases and Scenarios? What are User Stories? What is a Vendor Assessment? What are Workshops? TOPIC: Different Business Analysis Perspectives What is the Agile Perspective? What is the Business Intelligence Perspective? What is the Information Technology Perspective? What is the Business Architecture Perspective What is the Business Process Management Perspective? Read More

AGILE BA PRACTITIONER COURSE  IIBA® Endorsed (16 PD Hours / CDUs)  At the end of this Online Agile BA Practitioner course you will have a comprehensive understanding of the role of the business analyst in Agile based projects as it is outlined in the Agile Extension v2 of the BABOK Guide v3.  You will also have the tools & techniques you need to perform Agile business analysis activities with confidence within the Agile environment; you will have a solid understanding of the role of the Agile Business Analysis Practitioner within the Agile environment. You will be competent in applying your new skills in the workplace and have a good understanding of all concepts and the 24 techniques covered in the Agile Extension v2. DELIVERY FORMAT This course is an interactive online course which covers the entire Agile Extension v2 of the BABOK Guide in the format of short animation videos chunking down content into digestible topics. Every lesson also have a knowledge check quiz to ensure you understand each topic and many lessons include a practical assignment which will be reviewed by your tutor. The course includes all 24 Agile Analysis Techniques in the format of bite-size explainer videos. You can download the PDF version of the Agile Extension v2 to the BABOK Guide v3. You can also download Case Studies. The course contains 8 lessons which includes videos, knowledge quizzes and practical assignments. You must complete all 8 lessons successfully to complete course. IIBA AGILE ANALYSIS CERTIFICATION PREPARATION This course is a great compliment to the IIBA Agile Extension v2 and will greatly assist you with your exam preparation for the IIBA Agile Analysis exam. It covers the entire content of the Agile Extension and is a great way to support your preparation activities for the exam. You will feel empowered with knowledge and confidence to perform your business analysis role with excellence within any Agile project. COURSE DELIVERY METHOD You have full access to an online tutor assigned to you on the course. They will provide you with assistance, answer your questions and provide practical assignment feedback. This is a very interactive course whilst it also gives you full control about when and where you choose to complete your lessons from. It follows an online self-paced mode with your tutor following your pace with any assignment feedback as you progress. You have access to this course for 12 months from enrolment. IIBA ENDORSED TRAINING  This course is IIBA® Endorsed and you will earn 16 PD hours / CDUs upon successful completion. BAE CAREER STAGE: This is a STAGE 3 Course.   COURSE OUTLINE This course covers the Agile Extension v2 to the BABOK Guide v3 to a great level of detail. Please find all topics included below: Introduction What is Agile Business Analysis The Agile Mindset What is an Agile Mindset? The Agile Mindset, Methodologies and Frameworks Applying the Agile Mindset The Agile Manifesto Principles of Agile Business Analysis Analysis at Multiple Horizons Overview of the Three Horizons Agility at each Horizon Predictive, Iterative and Adaptive Planning Strategy Horizon Initiative Horizon Delivery Horizon   Techniques covered in this course Backlog Refinement Behaviour Driven Development Impact Mapping Job Stories Kano Analysis Minimal Viable Product Personas Planning Workshops Portfolio Kanban Product Roadmap Purpose Alignment Model Real Options Relative Estimation Retrospectives Reviews Spikes Storyboarding Story Decomposition Story Elaboration Story Mapping User Stories Value Modelling Value Stream Mapping  Visioning Read More

DATES & LOCATIONS MELBOURNE = 5 Dec - 7 Dec 2018  SYDNEY = 13 March - 15 March 2019 WHAT WILL I LEARN DURING THE 3 DAY COURSE? At the end of the 3 Day Business Analysis Practitioner Course you will be competent in foundation business analysis skills with a comprehensive understanding of the role of the Business Analyst in both traditional waterfall and Agile based projects. You will also have the tools and techniques you need to perform business analysis requirements activities with confidence. You will have a solid understanding of key modelling techniques and how to apply them. This is an essential course for any new or experienced Business Analyst. BABOK® Version 3.0 Based IIBA® Endorsed (24 PD Hours/CDUs) DOWNLOAD THE CLASSROOM COURSE OUTLINE HERE **BONUS** ONLINE TRAINING INCLUDED  To ensure you get the best value training possible, we have included a FREE BONUS: Our Online BABOK® v3 Core Practitioner Course (normally worth AUD$497.00) is part of this training package. You will automatically be enrolled online once you signed up for this classroom training offer. The Online BABOK® v3 Core Practitioner Course consists of a total of 12 Modules covering all the BABOK Chapters. This course is ideal for additional CCBA & CBAP Certification exam preparation - 70+ Videos, 250+ exam format questions and lots more. Read more about this bonus value added training.  WHO SHOULD DO THIS COURSE? Complete beginners can attend this training and walk out with employable BA skills and heaps of practical application and knowledge! Business Analysts and other project professionals who want to build on and formalize their BA skills and knowledge. Business Analysts who want to get ready to do the ECBA™/CCBA® or CBAP® Certificate exam. Professional people who work with Business Analysts frequently. Consultants starting out in business consulting. COURSE DELIVERY METHOD This is a 3 day face to face group training. All concepts are illustrated with real-workplace examples and practical hands-on exercises throughout. We keep our groups small to ensure a high level of interaction between participants and the trainer/s. Our ‘trainers’ are all practicing Business Analysts with more than 15 years of international project experience. This course is a great building block to start preparing for Professional Certifications such as the IIBA® ECBA™,CCBA® or CBAP® certification exams. IIBA® ACCREDITATION CREDITS EARNED The 3 day classroom course is IIBA® Endorsed and you will earn 24 PD hours / CDUs upon successful completion. The bonus online training included here is the BABOK v3 Core Practitioner Training which will provide you with an additional 22 PD hours/CDUs upon successful completion.  Total PD Hours / CDUs earned with the 3 Day Classroom Course & the Online Bonus Training is therefore = 46 PD hours/CDUs. You can use the PD hours / CDUs towards your IIBA certification and re-certification requirements. WHAT PAST STUDENTS OF THIS TRAINING SAID...                                 “Definitely the best training course I’ve ever attended. The strengths of this training are the variety in demonstrating the theory. Great training to be honest!” Anonymous BA Participant “The two trainers worked well together, leveraging off each other’s personalities. The strengths of this training are having the fun elements and a lot of interaction. It was great to be a small group too.” Louise, BA Participant “Thank you again for the fantastic training!” Marisa, BA Participant “I will manage people differently when I go back to my job. I also learned personality management skills. It was very interactive and engaging!” James, BA “When I go back to my “day job”, I will gather requirements in a much more efficient way. The strengths of this training for me were the activities, group tasks and BABOK v3 Game!” Karthik, BA Participant “It’s a good mix of exercises and story telling! There is really not anything to be called out as a weakness.” Anonymous BA Participant   Read More

THE ULTIMATE 2 COURSE BUNDLE PROMOTION: SAVE AUD$387.00! Enrol for the AGILE TRAINING BUNDLE offer and you will be enrolled for 2 IIBA Endorsed Business Analysis courses. The total value of these two courses & materials are AUD$984.00 - You only pay AUD$597.00* (10% GST Applies to Australian Residents) if you enrol today! This offer is for a short time only with a limited number of licenses available.               REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD ENROL FOR THIS BUNDLE You want to be a proficient Business Analyst with the essential and accredited skills to work effectively as a Business Analyst within Agile Projects. You earn 38 PD hours / CDUs to use towards IIBA® Certification applications / re-certifications. You want to prepare for the IIBA CCBA® or CBAP® or Agile Analysis Certification exam. These two courses covers the BABOK v3 Guide PLUS the Agile Extension v2 Guide content comprehensively.  You want to do IIBA® Endorsed Training in your own time, from anywhere you have an internet connection with the help and support of an online tutor! You want to change your career to become an Agile Business Analyst. You want to formalize your Business Analysis skill set with industry standard Agile Analysis practices. You want to drastically improve your Business Analysis resume and get ready to find a great new BA job! WHAT EXACTLY IS INCLUDED IN THE AGILE TRAINING BUNDLE? Both the courses covered as part of this bundle are IIBA® Endorsed Courses AGILE BA Practitioner Course – earn 16 PD hours / CDUs BABOK v3.0 Core Practitioner Course – earn 22 PD hours / CDUs FREE BONUS: You receive a soft copy BABOK® v3.0 Guide during the training You receive 2 soft copy course completion certificates upon successful completion of each course All student materials are included as part of this training You have 12 months to complete the training from the day of enrolment. HOW TO ENROL FOR THIS LIMITED BUNDLE OFFER 1. Add this course to your Shopping Cart and follow the online enrolment and payment steps. 2. You will then be automatically enrolled for the following IIBA Endorsed Courses: IIBA Endorsed BABOK v3.0 Core Practitioner Course (earn 22 PD Hours / CDUs) IIBA Endorsed AGILE BA Practitioner Course (earn 16 PD Hours / CDUs) 3. Start your training at your own pace with the support of your tutor! Read More

BEGINNER TRAINING PROGRAM - Start Your Business Analysis Career Are you interested to start your business analysis career but you are not sure which steps to follow to get it all kicked off? This Training Program is designed specifically for people like you, who have never been business analysts before or only have very little experience with business analysis in the workplace. This program helps you to change your career to become a Business Analyst. The purpose of this program is to take you on a step-by-step industry recognised learning journey to become a Business Analyst. You do 2 IIBA® online training courses, practical project assignments and work with a CBAP® career coach on your own individual development roadmap to become a Business Analyst. WHY SHOULD YOU DO THIS PROGRAM? This program is specifically designed to provide you with individual support during a content rich online learning program of how to become a Business Analyst.  The online learning program consists of IIBA® Endorsed Courses to support your professional development plan. Your CBAP® career coach will spend time with you individually to design your development roadmap to achieve your career goals while also supporting you with continuous feedback throughout each online course.  You no longer need to try and figure out which training courses to do or where to start your Business Analysis career aspirations from - this career path program has everything you need to learn and know about how to become a successful Business Analyst! HOW LONG DOES THE PROGRAM TAKE? The program must be completed within 12 months. This provides more than enough time for you to work through your career roadmap milestones, complete the online learning and work closely with your career coach. WHO SHOULD DO THIS PROGRAM? People who want to change their careers to become Business Analysts. We have many software developers, testers, subject matter experts and other business people who have done our online training programs with great success! This program is especially designed for people brand new with no experience in business analysis or people who have had some exposure but not a lot of formal education in business analysis. WHAT DO I RECEIVE AT THE END OF THIS PROGRAM?  You will receive 40 IIBA® Professional Development hours.  Course Completion Certificates (soft copy) for each course completed successfully. Read More

BAE ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAM Earn Professional IIBA® Certification - ideal for CCBA® and CBAP® certification exam preparation. The BAE Advanced Training Bundle Program provides you with everything you need to prepare for your professional IIBA® certification. You will receive one-on-one coaching with a certified CBAP® career coach, formulate your own personalised development roadmap, complete 3 IIBA® Endorsed Online training courses (earning all the PD Hours or CDUs you require along the way), take a set of online exam style quizzes to help prepare you, and study from a highly recommended CCBA® & CBAP® Study Guide to ensure your preferred learning style is catered to.    WHO SHOULD THIS PROGRAM? Business Analysts who are working towards obtaining the IIBA® CCBA® or CBAP® certification. Any Business Analyst with any level of experience who would like to advance in their career towards being a Professional Business Analyst.    HOW LONG DOES THE PROGRAM TAKE?  The program must be completed within 12 months. This is ample time for even the busiest student to work through their career roadmap milestones, complete the online learning requirements, and collaborate closely with your career coach.   WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE AT THE END OF THIS PROGRAM? You will receive 62 IIBA Professional Developments hours. Course Completion Certificates (soft copies) for each course completed successfully.   WHAT IS INCLUDED? Once you join the BAE Advanced Training Bundle Program you are assigned a CBAP® tutor that will work with you throughout the program to ensure you achieve your goals. 1. Pre - Program Online Skills Assessment 2. Welcome instructions with the Program Outline 3. Career Development Road 4. Online IIBA Endorsed Courses  STAGE 1: Business Analysis Practitioner Course (earn 24 Professional Development hours / CDUs) STAGE 2: Business Analysis Master Practitioner Course (earn 16 Professional Development hours / CDUs) STAGE 2: BABOK v3 Core Practitioner Prep Course (earn 22 Professional Development hours / CDUs) ​5. Coaching session - a 1:1 Skype Career Coaching Session with your assigned coach. 6. Student materials for all online courses in program 7. Books:  BABOK 3.0 Guide (PDF version) CCBA/CBAP Study Guide by Susan Weese (hard copy) 8. Individual Course Complete Certificates - soft copy. Read More

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